Flexible and bespoke plans.

Wellbeing at work is an important thing. Happier and healthier staff increase the performance and productivity of the workforce. This is turn will reduce sickness absence. At Ford Chancellor Wellness we have an wealth of experience in the occupational health sector, from running clinics to designing and running successful and award winning wellbeing initiatives.

We are serious about helping you help your employees, regardless of the size of your company. We would love to tailor a service to fit your needs


Physiotherapy assessment and advice:

  • This can be offered for employees who are at work carrying injuries/ concerns or those off work with musculoskeletal conditions
  • These can be one off advice services or we can sign them up for a programme such as our back pain management programme – The Back Plan
  • Reports can be provided to offer advice and support to get employees back to work

Ergonomic advice and set up

  • Advice on how to achieve the optimal position whilst at work
  • Advice on alternative or adaptive equipment


Interactive and engaging education seminars

  • Providing your work force with the tools they need to live happier and healthier lives. We offer practical skills and tools that can be used from the moment you finish
  • Examples of talks; why and how should we exercise; stress and the impact on our physical and mental wellbeing; why we need to get a good night sleep; what pain means – and how to come back from an injury; posture and ergonomics at work; manual handling; spine and body care
  • If you have other areas of interest please let us know and we can design a talk just for you

Wellbeing at work days

  • Full or half wellbeing visits
  • These could include; drop in physio, education workshops, office floor walk arounds focusing on ergonomics at work, what about a Pilates or Yoga class, or even desk exercise sessions